• Are all of your lenses polarized?

    Yes, all of our SR-91® and SR-91 ULTRA™ lenses are polarized.
  • Do Kaenon lenses offer UV protection?

    Yes, our SR-91 polarized lenses provide your eyes with broad-spectrum protection against 100% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays, offering razor-sharp optical clarity and unsurpassed glare reduction.
  • Do you offer lens replacements?

    Kaenon offers replacement lenses on select styles. We guarantee our SR-91 lenses for life against cracked and split lenses at drill-mounts or delamination of the inner polarizing film and lens material. Our lifetime warranty excludes the outer lens coatings. Our warranty explicitly excludes produ...
  • How do I care for my lenses?

    If you have heavy soil or grime caused by saltwater, dust, sunscreen, or other substances, a drop of mild dish soap with warm water should safely remove dirt and grime without scratching your lenses. If you spend a lot of time in or on the ocean, get in the habit of rinsing your glasses off perio...
  • What are the differences between Kaenon’s lenses? What does C28, C50, G28 and so on mean?

    The G stands for grey and the C stands for copper. The number following the G or C is the amount of light that is allowed to transmit through the lens. For example, our G12 is our darkest grey lens allowing 12% of light through.
  • What does SR-91® stand for?

    SR-91® stands for "Superior Resolution 9 Elements In 1 Lens"
  • What is the difference between SR-91® and ULTRA™?

    ULTRA™ provides even greater color separation, sharper contrast and more depth than our standard SR-91® polarized sunglasses.
  • When will a product be restocked?

    If you sign up for an email notification on the product page you will be the first to know when the product is restocked.